5 solutions for removing the spots from clothes

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To every one of us is sometimes happened, during making of some activity in a hurry, to leave the ugly stain on clothes . It often also happens, that the soils are exceptionally difficult to remove. However, there are no impossibilities. The stains removal from clothes will be simple and fast, if we comply with the following pieces of advice.

Chewing gum

It turns out that disposal of the chewing gum, which stuck to clothes accidentally and doesn’t want to unstick, stretching out relentlessly, isn’t so difficult at all. It will be enough to put such clothes to the freezer, or to cover it with ice cubes. After a few moments, it will be possible to simply crush the chewing gum and any sing won’t stay.

Stains of the physiological nature

Such stains are a very frequent problem of persons which have small children or pets. We can get rid of ugly stain from urine, leaved on the clothes, or the carpet by pets, sprinkling this place with salt. Then the clothes should be washed. A good idea is also to use vinegar. However, we remove the bloodstains by soaking the clothes in the cold water with the salt. If the blood is already caked, it’s good to scrape the upper layer off and to wash the clothes, and if a spot remains, treat it with hydrogen peroxide.


To every one of women it certainly happened just for once, that after using the deodorant and putting the dark blouse on, you discovered ugly, white stains on it. The stains removal from clothes, if it comes to the deodorant, is simple. It will be sufficient to treat the stain with delicate bleach. We remove similarly the lipstick, or perfume stains.


It often happens, that after bronzer applying, we won’t wait long enough and put clothes on, which results in ugly, dark stains. If it happened, it’s necessary to put clothes quickly to the water with the addition of washing powder and leave them there for a few hours. Next, we wash the fabric in as high temperature as it’s possible for this type material.


In the case of soils from pen ink, alcohol or the lemon juice will help. However, stains left by felt-tip pens will disappear without trace after using of glycerin or soap.

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