5 solutions for matching haircut to the type of the face

Posted: August 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

The choice of the perfect haircut is dependent on the shape of the face. However, not everyone knows how to compose or cut the hair to emphasize its beauty, simultaneously not emphasizing the weak points. It is therefore important to know the appropriate solutions for matching the haircut with the face type.

Oval face

This type face owners are real lucky- actually every haircut will fit to them. This face is certainly worth showing, so it is the best to avoid heavy fringes or erect or covering the face haircuts. Smooth hairstyle or subtle waves present in the best way. An oval face has a beautifully outlined cheekbones, you can highlight them combing hair back, and shading them on the cheeks.

Round face

This type of face feature with full cheeks, rounded chin, and low forehead. Therefore, it is better to resign from the fringe or comb it to the side. At the round face, appropriate matching the haircut to the face type is straight hair and carefully shaded. We hide the rounded cheeks by wearing long, straight hair. A good idea, when it comes to haircuts, are much frayed ends, overlapping on the cheeks.

Triangular face

Triangular face is usually a broad forehead, sharp cheekbones and a small, pointed beard. In this case, medium-length hair, shaded, with the parting on the side present the best. Avoid very short haircuts. When it comes to the fringe, the best is abundant and asymmetric one. The lower parts of the face we fill, wearing fluffy or twisted ends. You can also slightly shade and turn down the endings.

Square face

At the square-shaped face and characterized it protruding cheekbones, wide forehead and jaw, the straight and long hair with claws looks the best . Regarding the short haircut, classic bob is the perfect way to match the haircut to this face type in a square shape. The fringes definitely do not present very well. For their amateurs remains very long fringe or fringe slantwise cut and shaded. The hair ends can be curled and should overlap slightly on the cheeks.

Rectangular face

The broad forehead and protruding cheekbones and jaw are characteristic features of a rectangular face. In this case, recommended are T, soft hair, preferable short, wavy or twisted. Rounded fringes, covering the forehead also look well. The long and straight hair, and heavy, geometric cuts present poorly. Hair should not be also tied back.

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