5 solutions for lips care

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Beautiful, nice lips are every woman’s pride and sensual lure for men. Moreover, they are covered with extremely sensitive epidermis, that is why it is necessary to look after them properly and moisturize them. Knowing how the proper lips care should look like, we will secure our lips for not only healthy, but also young and seductive look, regardless of age.


A great object, improving the appearance of our lips turns out to be a common toothbrush. With regard for the sensitive lips skin, a toothbrush should have soft bristles. The best will be this one intended for children. We massage the lips gently in circular movements, no longer than one minute.


Once a week, it is worth to apply gentle scrub on your lips. However, for this purpose we don’t use coarse-grained peeling body creams. Better will be those delicate, intended for the face, such as enzymes. Home method is sugar. We massage the lips with the chosen scrub very gently, in circular movements.


After peeling the epidermis off with scrub, it comes the time to appropriate moisturizing and nutrition of the skin. That is way, the mask is a great solutions for mouth care. To the one from the tastiest solution belongs the one made with honey. Just put on your lips a thick layer of honey, and after 15 minutes eat it. Another effective and eatable mask for the mouth is one made from avocado. We crush fresh fruit, apply on the mouth and we hold it for about fifteen minutes. After this time, if we are not amateur of eating the avocado mask, we rinse it with the water.


Applying the cream to the face, we should also put it on the mouth. The cream cause the lips will be soft and smooth. The best will be a fat or medium fat cosmetic. Its application gives you immediate results.


It’s not about the color lipstick, but about a gentle, protective lipstick or fruit lip gloss. The best protection is provided by cosmetics with UV filters.

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