5 simple tips for beautiful nails

Posted: August 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Strong and beautiful nails are the pride for the hands and our signature. Therefore, they deserve for thoughtful care. Using a few simple solutions we can be sure that we will be able to boast of a beautiful and well-groomed nails in every situation.

Bath in oil

Regular soaking nails in warm olive oil will strengthen them perfectly. We pour into a bowl of such level of olive oil to easily dip your nails in it, we add a little bit of lemon juice and heat up the whole in the microwave. It is best to soak your nails every day, for about half an hour, or in the case of lack of time 2 times a week at least.


The nail plate will be smooth and shiny as after the use of colorless varnish, if we regularly polish it with a special polisher. These polishers are available in most drugstores in the set with a file. We polish the nails always before applying nail polish. We are then sure that the polish nail will remain longer. However, do not polish the nails too often and intensely, because we can weaken the plate.


During carrying our daily activities out, our nails are exposed to yellowing and discoloration, which is difficult to remove. Therefore, the simple tip for beautiful nails is a colorless varnish or conditioner that will protect them against life’s dangers. One layer will be enough to make sure that our nails are adequately protected.

Nourishing treatments

In the drugstores we have available a range of cosmetics, designed to nourish damaged and weak nails. It is worth to equip oneself in any of these supplements, preferably, if it will contain calcium and vitamin complexes. Daily coverage of the nail with one layer of preparation will make your nails strong and durable. Conditioner is absorbed partly in the nail, so there is no need to worry that the layer is too thick. But if it occurs, remove the conditioner with nail polish remover without acetone and start the treatment again.


In carrying out household tasks such as for example washing dishes, always remember about rubber gloves. They provide our hands and nails a reasonable protection against harmful detergent. A good and easy way to beautiful nails is to use homework as a time for hand and nail treatment. Just rub in them a thick layer of nourishing cream and put the gloves on. The warm will cause that the cream will be nicely absorbed and leaves our hands and nails well moisturized and soft.

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