5 secrets of rock style

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Do you enjoy hard sounds? Demonstrate your preferences through a style of dressing! Grasping rock style will always be on top. So if you think, you’re rock and roll girl, get to know the secrets of this style necessarily.

Leather jacket

The first of the hallmarks of a rock style. Jackets, made from the leather established in the fashion world for good. They will remain there for a long time, so without fear you can invest in a leather jacket, preferably in a versatile, black colour. Choose a simple cut and style in order the jacket match with many stylizations.

Torn jeans

Jeans , which look as though they already have passed a lot in their life, also well match the rock style. You don’t have to buy trousers with holes, just pimp a little bit one of your pair, which you will find in your closet.

Skinny trousers and leggings

The narrow, skinny trousers and leggings also look good on the rock and roll girl. With this style , the leather or latex trousers match the best, and when it comes to colour, the black and red dominate.


It’s another detail, which is associated with a rock style. The studs can decorate, for example, jacket, belt, shoes. You can attach studs actually to everything you like. Free your imagination!


Leather, spikes, chains, studs are leitmotivs of rock jewellery. It should be as fierce as possible. Long earrings, pendants, thongs or immortal bracelets with cone studs – rock jewellery selection is huge!

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