5 quick solutions for the linear atrophy

Posted: August 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

The linear atrophies are very unsightly disease and affect mostly women, which are pregnant or people, which in a short time put on or lost their weight. However, there are quick solutions for linear atrophy, which will easily help to get through with this disease.


On the places affected by linear atrophy, we apply the cream against linear atrophy, which we can buy in the drugstore or pharmacy. This specific is also available in capsule. We apply it on the body with circular movements in the morning and evening. It is also good to rub into the body firming preparations, which contain the algae in their composition.


Massage is a beneficial and relatively quick solution for linear atrophy . As in every case, but regularity is important. You should equip yourself in rough glove, and during each shower massage the body in places where linear atrophy are. Good results can also bring light skin pinching. You should also prepare a special aromatic massage oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil, a few drops of chamomile oil and 15 ml of avocado oil, almond or jojoba.


Fresh aloe vera juice may lighten or cause even complete disappearance of linear atrophy. To do this, it is necessary to daily rub the body with it in the areas affected by linear atrophy. You can also equip yourself with cream or gel with a high content of aloe.


The quick solution for linear atrophy is also proper diet. The diet should include green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, beans, and fish, seafood and liver. These products provide the vitamins and nutrients component necessary in fight against linear atrophy. The impact on the effective fight against linear atrophy have also seeds and nuts, which contain zinc.


In order to quickly overcoming linear atrophy, it is worth to go to any of the treatments in beauty parlou – Chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy or laser treatment. If we want a permanent and definitive result, the visit in the surgeon’ office remains for us. The surgeon will apply the dermabrasion, or will just cut parts of the skin affected by linear atrophy. Such surgeons are certainly quick ways to linear atrophy, but they are invasive, expensive and can leave ugly scars.

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