5 pieces of advice how to wear patterned tights

Posted: October 4th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The tights are an indispensable part of clothing of each of us. They serve mainly to emphasize and modeling the legs, or to protect against the cold, but in addition they are also a very interesting accessory to your outfit. Recently especially popular patterned tights can totally change any stylization. Here are some tips how to wear trendy, patterned tights.

Too much of a good thing

Do not overdo with the amount of patterns in your stylization. If you decided on tights with a very rich pattern, the rest should be more modest, preferably uniform.

Patterns modeling the figure

The principle of optically slimming and pronouncing patterns also relates to tights. If you put on the tights in oblong and vertical patterns, your legs will look slimmer. However, the horizontal shapes, especially stripes, can be worn only by shapely legs owners.


As you know, the safest colour, which match virtually with any stylization is black, and, in the case of tights, they’re also shades of beige. However, you should not be afraid of colours. Remember, that colour, which dominate in the tights pattern, should have its reference also in the rest of your outfit. Play with colours, making sure that all elements of your outfit harmonize.

Appropriate footwear

The patterned tights look the best in combination with high-heeled, or wedges. You can also wear them with ballet pumps, or sports shoes, if the stylization is maintained in such a style. However, remember to not wear the tights with sandals or shoes with uncovered toe, because it doesn’t look very nice.

The most fashionable patterns

The patterns, to which you should especially pay attention are animal motifs, geometric or plant patterns and also lace in vintage style. It seems that the tights in patterns already entered into the fashion standards, so you can safely buy a few pairs.

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