5 pieces of advice how to take care of the shoes

Posted: October 9th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Adequate care of the shoes is very important because thanks to it, they will look like new for a long time. We also extend their lasting. Get to know a few simple tips, thanks to which your shoes will always look like right off the store shelf.


It is worth to purchase yourself in a special shoe impregnator in spray. It will protect your shoes against the rain, snow and other weather conditions.


The soles and heeltap are the shoe elements that are destroyed the fastest. We can not allow that during the walking , the heeltap will wipe completely off. It’s necessary to keep watch to in appropriate time exchange them at the cobbler.


When it comes to taking care of the shoes, it’s important to refresh their internal parts. The helpful will be a cotton cloth soaked with alcohol and tea oil. The best way is to use inserts, which absorb moisture and which can be easily removed and washed.


The shoetrees prevent the deformation of the shoes, besides, the shoetrees made of the cedar tree can absorb all the moisture from the shoes. The cheaper option is shoetree made of plastic.


In order to shoes remain in a good condition, it’s necessary to polish them regularly. The shoe polish protect shoes against the harmful external factors. However, keep in mind, that before the polishing, the shoes must be first cleared. Thanks to systematic polishing, the shoes remain in a good condition for a long time.

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