5 pieces of advice how to match the shoes with the clothes

Posted: October 9th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

To which from us it didn’t happen, that in spite of having a plenty of pairs of the shoes in the wardrobe, we completely don’t know, whether some of those pairs will match the chosen dress? Matching the shoes with the clothes isn’t such a simple trick at all. However after getting to know the following pieces of advice, none of us will already have a problem with it.

Long skirt

To this type of clothes perfectly match shoes, reaching the ankles or below the knee. Good ideas for warmer days are ballet pumps, flat sandals, slides or flip-flops.

Mini skirt

The happy owners of slim, shapely legs like to exhibit them in miniskirts. In this case, the matching the shoes with the clothes is very easy. In general, every kind of the footwear matches them, of course depending on the type of the skirt. Under no account one should combine the elegant skirt and trainers. However, the thin boots are looking simply smashing, practically with every kind of mini skirt.

The jeans and corduroys

To this type of trousers match, in principle, every kinds of shoes, both sports trainers, and elegant high heels. Everything depends on the occasion. The skin-tight jeans will look great in comparison with sexy high heels. To the more loose one, it’s better to match ballet pumps or sandals.

Trousers with the crease

Such elegant trousers requires equally elegant shoes. Laced up moccasins or high heels will be excellent.

Skinny jeans

Here, the matching the shoes with the clothes is very simple. Both high heels, and ballet pumps, or even trainers match well. Skinny jeans and boots are the perfect combination for the cooler days.

Outdoor dress

Here, it won’t do without high heels. It’s possible to choose both uncovered sandals, and more built-up shoes. Everything depends on the occasion and the type of the dress.

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