5 pieces of advice how to match dress with shoes

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Completing your outfit every day, never underestimate the shoes, which you match with it. If you make it badly, the whole stylization can be a great fashion failure. Get to know how to match the shoes with clothes in order to look fashionable and attractive.

On every day

Shoes, which you will wear with everyday outfit, in the greatest degree depends on the style, which you prefer. Do you wear jeans, T-shirt and cardigan every day? Appropriate footwear for this stylization will be ballet pumps or trainers, for cooler time the flat-heeled boots or ankle-boots. Broadly speaking, with the jeans the best match flat shoes – both sports and more elegant. Nobody forbids you to wear high heels, if you like, but the whole stylization should already be quite more elegant – maybe do you get dresses a fashionable jacket instead of the sweater?

Formal outfit

The formal occasions require appropriate setting – an elegant jacket with a skirt or trousers, a white shirt with a collar. How to match shoes with formal outfit? First of all, pay attention to the colour and cut of your stylization. The colours should harmonize with each other, if you want to look classically, choose shoes in the same colour as the bag. The safest choice is black, but does the official time excludes the following fashion trends? Think of the fashionable shoes in fleshy tone of beige, which match actually with every colour. Also very important is cut of shoes for formal occasions and the material from which they were made. The most suitable will be low-heeled court shoes, from solid leather, mandatory with cover toes and heels.

Skirts and dresses

They are the most feminine parts of clothing, so it would be worth to combine it with women’s high-heeled shoes. Of course, how to match the shoes with outfit depends on the style and occasion. On the party or reception, it’s better to wear stilettos while on the shopping or for a walk you will feel more comfortable in wedges, ballet pumps or flat sandals. The length is also important. The miniskirt visually lengthens your legs, so you don’t have to add them extra inches in the high-heeled shoes. However, the midi-length skirts and dresses visually shorten the leg, so here, the heel, even low, is necessary. For the maxi skirts the best is to wear high heels, especially if you’re short.


The texture of footwear should harmonize with the texture of the lower part of outfit. With the shiny trousers, instead of patent- leather shoes, put on the dull shoes.


It is very important to not mix together styles, which don’t match. Don’t wear trainers with airy, chiffon skirt, or stilettos with tracksuits.

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