5 pieces of advice how to look good in a swimsuit

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The shapely silhouette is not enough to look attractive on the beach. The key is in the proper choose of your swimsuit. Perfectly fitted cut will conceal the weak points of the figure, simultaneously emphasizing its strengths. How to look good in a swimsuit? Here are some pieces of advice.

Protruding belly

Weren’t you in time to get rid of your belly before the planned holidays? It doesn’t matter, just choose a swimsuit, which will effectively conceal it. In this case, you can consider the tankini, i.e. the swimsuit in which the role of the bra fulfill the longer shirt. It’s the easiest way to conceal the protruding belly. You can also pay attention to the monokini, or one-piece swimsuit. Bikini is been slowly declining, and one-piece swimsuits are available in many different cuts and patterns, and they very often have slimming down properties. If you prefer a bikini, choose the swimsuit with shorts with an elevated status, which will flatten belly a little bit. Choose also an interesting top in order to distract attention from the belly and direct it towards the breasts. Your friends are also pareos and beach dresses.

Small breasts

How to look good in a swimsuit when you have a small breast? Nothing simpler, just look for a bra with push – up, which has stiffened cups and / or gel inserts. Do you prefer simple, traditional bikini top? There are solution also for that – choose the model decorated with glittering applications, for example sequins or beads, or completely made of shiny material which will visually accentuate your breast. A good idea are also frills. When it comes to colours, they should be light and the patterns should be large. Avoid one-piece swimsuits, smooth and without stiffeners – such swimsuit will flatten the breast further more and it will resemble a little girl in it.

Wide hips

Mini-shorts and shorts in dark colours are the perfect choice for you! Avoid too much cut and conspicuous knickers. Attract the attention with an interesting bra.

Fluffy silhouette

Your swimsuit should be one- piece, preferably in dark colours, plain or with vertical patterns. Search for models with deep cups and built-up panties. If it comes to the material, it should be more rigid thanks to which the figure will be nicely accentuated. In the stores you can get special, slimming down models.

Boyish silhouette

How to look good in a swimsuit, if your figure is not very feminine? Look for swimsuits, decorated with feminine details – bows, ruffles, beads, with greatly cut, triangular panties.

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