5 pieces of advice how to choose the neckline for your face shape

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Did you know that choosing the right neckline can shape not only your figure? It is a mistake to think that the necklines are used only in order to expose breasts. Get to know our pieces of advice how to choose the neckline for your face shape.

Rectangular Face

If your face is oblong, and its width is the same in every place, you will look the best in the most popular one i.e. circular neckline, also called underwear neckline. If you want to get crazy a little bit, wear a blouse or dress with a romantic, revealing the shoulder Spanish neckline. You can do it but only if you haven’t got too wide shoulders.

Round Face

Your round face will be wonderfully slimed down by sexy and timeless V-neckline. Generally, you’ll look well in slightly angular neckline, so the triangular and diamond neckline is also the proper choice for you. After all, a little lower, round neckline will fit you too. However, avoid any turtle-necks ,half-golfs and the necklines in boat type.

Heart-shaped face

Is the widest part of your face in forehead area and does it clearly narrow downwards? You’ll look well in blouses and dresses with neckline in the shape of boats. Beware of necklines in the v-neck and triangular.

An oval face

You can regard yourself as the really lucky! You don’t have to wonder how to match the neckline to your face shape, an oval face proportions are considered ideal. Choosing the proper neckline you should be guided mainly by the structure of your silhouette.

Square face

Has your face got the same width of the forehead, cheeks and lower jaw? Wear all varieties of round necklines, which will slightly soften your features. You will look well also in the heart-shaped neckline.

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