5 pieces of advice how to choose the best skirt for your figure type

Posted: October 4th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Do you wonder sometimes why some women look great in one cut, and in other much worse? Each of us has a particular type of figure, and that is why the blindly following the latest fashion trends, it is very easy to choose the wrong cut of clothes. Therefore, in this article we suggest how to choose the best skirt for your figure.

Pencil skirt

It’s very feminine and elegant cut, which accompanies us in fashion for decades. And it works well as both the office part of clothing and on a romantic date. What’s more, it fits virtually any type of silhouette. Pencil skirt looks insanely female on ladies with hourglass figure, but it can be successfully worn by the woman with more fluffy silhouette. However, remember about the important rule –well-matched does not mean skin-tight. Too tight fitting skirt will bring out the weaknesses of even the most shapely figure. The pencil skirt can be worn by the ladies with a slightly protruding belly – just decide on the cut with elevated status.

Flared skirt

If you want to get to know how to choose the best skirt for your silhouette, but you don’t know which type of figure you exactly have and in which clothes you look great, choose a flared skirt. It’s feminine and very loose cut. Depending on the fabric, of which the skirt is made, you can wear it anywhere. It will perfectly balance the figure, emphasize the waist and hide the potential weak points, such as the massive thighs and wide hips.


This offer is for women who like the classics. This style never go out of fashion, and it also helps to hide unwanted centimeters in the circumference of the thighs or hips. You can wear this skirt to work, and for meeting with friends.

A long skirt

The ally of ladies, which are dissatisfied with the look of their legs.Those made of the airy chiffon will be ideal for summer, while those made of the thicker fabric- for winter. However, the low women should beware of this cut- if you’re petite, but you have a proportional figure, you can boldly wear long skirt with the high-heeled or wedges. If you have short legs, long skirt is not for you.

Mini skirt

Ideal to expose the beautiful female legs. If you don’t know how to choose the best skirt for your silhouette, but you have slim and shapely legs, the mini length is just right for you. It isn’t perhaps so welcome in the offices and departments, but on dates, events and less formal meetings, by all means.

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