5 pieces of advice for clothes to the work

Posted: October 13th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Preparing the outfit to the work, you must remember that there are determined rules. Your way of dressing must build the positive image up in your boss and co-workers eyes. You have to learn, how the outfit to the work should correctly look like.


The outfit to the work should be held in muted, natural, pastel colors. It’s better to avoid bright colors. If you like intensive colors, you can afford for such strong stress in the form of accessories to the outfit. However, there should not be too much of them. Everything should create the coherent entirety.


The outfit to the work should not excessively show your femininity off. So don’t choose lo-cuts, or skirts uncovering the knees. Remember, that the appropriate skirt length it this one which, while sitting down, won’t expose the thighs. If you won’t obey this rule, you can cause that others will perceive you as the person which wants to manipulate by using appearance.

The type of clothes

Depending on your occupation, the ideal solutions is jacket with the classic style, set together with trousers or the skirt. If you can afford for more discretion at the work, you can choose for example a jeans and the sweater. However, remember that your jeans should have straight trousers-legs, without unnecessary additions and wiping and the sweater should be in the muted color.


Clothes to the work, held in muted colors, can be a little bit revive with appropriate accessories. It’s possible to pin the elegant brooch or the flower to the lapel of the jacket. You can underline the waist with the belt. Don’t also forget about earrings, rings and bracelets. However, in every case one should keep the moderation.


The most important is that shoes have to be comfortable. It’s not about wearing trainers in the office. Depending on the type of the work, the safest solutions are elegant low-heeled shoes, covering the fingers and the heel and which don’t have unnecessary ornaments.

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