5 hot trends for summer 2012

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The trends in fashion are changing just like the seasons. Especially for you, we traced all the hot trends for summer 2012 and we chose the hottest, which can stay with us for a long time and heat in the cooler months.


The collar is truly synonym of elegance. Once associated only with the office, today it can be worn virtually with anything, adding the chic to all creation, even to ordinary, simple T-shirt. It can successfully replace the jewellery. The most fashionable collar is this one, which is contrasting and striking. You can successfully make it on your own, ripping it off from an old shirt and dying or sewing the ornaments in the form of sequins, beads, jets.


Delicate pastels bring to your stylization a little bit of romantic, joyful atmosphere. It is worth to have in your wardrobe the clothes, shoes and accessories in shades of powder pink, mint green, pistachio or blue, because it doesn’t look like this trend is going to leave us soon. The real hit is a make-up in pastel shades.


Listing the hot trends for summer 2012, you can’t forget to mention the transparencies. In this summer, bet on the fabrics, like a fine mist. Airy skirts and dresses, seductive transparent blouses and tunics are extremely sensual and feminine. So don’t wait and equip your wardrobe with the alluring transparencies.

Neon colours

The saturated colours are still enjoying great success. In this summer, the designers offer us rich colours in the form of trousers and accessories. Fashionable is a combination of two contrasting colours, but it’s the task only for experienced fashionable women, because it’s easyto make a fashion boob.


A few sizes too big clothes are the true allies of the ladies, which want to cover up some weaknesses in their figures. In this summer, oversize shirts, sweaters or trousers will be still fashionable. But don’t forget about the golden rule – if the bottom is loose, the top should be tight-fitting and vice versa.

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