5 factors diet

Posted: December 9th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Here is another diet that arrived to Polish from the United States, where it was popular among Hollywood stars such as Halle Berry, Orlando Bloom, or recently Oscar winner- Natalie Portman.

The basic premise of this diet is to eat five full meals a day, which included five basic factors, which are lean protein, complex of carbohydrates, fiber, “good” fatty acids, as well as sweetened and non-carbonated beverages. This diet should be combined with exercises to help lose weight and also model our figure.

Diet should last for five full weeks and during this time we have to eat five meals a day and exercise vigorously for at least 25 minutes every day. During the diet, we can also allow for five days, “take your breath, during which without having to starting a diet we can eat everything from the beginning, whatever we want. Everyday meals can consist of roast chicken with vegetables sprinkled with a little fresh olive oil, lentils, and a glass of cold water.

Providing large amounts of vegetables, we take care of fiber, which promotes metabolism, we also need to put in the first place to those of the dishes that have a low glycemic index, because by applying these principles, we can avoid dangerous attacks of hunger and keep our blood sugar steady .

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