4 ways to soothe the irritations after the depilation

Posted: October 13th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Many of us after the depilation have an irritated and red skin. It’s the normal skin reaction for tearing out the hair from the hair bags. However, if your skin tolerates the hair shaving unusually bad, get to know a few simplest ways for soothing the irritations after depilation.


Put the bag, filled up with ice cubes, to irritated places. Hold them in this place for a few minutes. After this time the reddening should disappear or reduce. Apart from that, such a treatment will bring you relief after depilation.

Tea tree oil

Rub into the depilated skin the tea tree oil. It will soft the pain, heal possible minor injuries, overcome inflammations of the skin. It doesn’t only affect well on irritations after depilation, but also will relax you in wonderful way.

Extract from the witch hazel

This extract has antibacterial and locally dam blood up properties. So it’s unusually effective in soothing irritations.

Shaving cosmetics

Before and after depilation, it’s necessary to use special, antibacterial gels for shaving. They won’t only influence on soothing the irritations after the depilation, but also will facilitate the treatment. They have softening and skin chilling properties. You will find such cosmetics in every drugstore and the pharmacy.

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