4 ways to select the color of clothes to the type of beauty

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There are four types of beauty, known by the names of the seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter. Each season is different, so it is with beauty type. So you need to know what colors match a particular type of beauty. This will be helpful in the following ways to select the color of clothes to the type of beauty.


Ms. Spring has a rather pale complexion, blond or brown hair with cool shades of blue, gray, green, or honey-colored eyes, bright lips. For women with this type of beauty many colors are suitable, but they look best in lighter, pastel. Ms. Spring will look good in clothes colored cream, salmon-pink. A very good idea, for example, is a combination of pink and gray. They also fit strong colors such as turquoise, garnet, and other shades of blue. Not without reason, that type of beauty is referred to as spring, sinceecause it fits almost all shades of green. Ms. Spring will look good also in shades of red. Dark, gloomy combinations should be avoided, you can not overdo it the other way – it’s better to forget the luminous orange or yellow.


Sunny, bright shade of skin is characterized by a lady with the looks of the summer. The skin is also darker than in case of Ms Spring. Porcelain skin, in principle, does not occur. Ms. Summer is usually a blonde, there are also brunettes, with golden reflections. Their eyes are shades of green, brown and honey. When it comes to color selection of clothes to the type of beauty, Ms. Summer should be a fan of white. This color looks very beautiful with tanned skin. In addition, you can put a natural color such as beige, cream, brown and olive. Summer will look perfectly well in bright colors such as pink, turquoise. Better be careful with a bright red, a much better choice is the shade of coral. Other favourable possibilities feature warm pastels and warm hues of green and orange, which is nicely blended with the skin tone. It is better to avoid yellow. With such a helpful type of beauty gray does not look so good, it is better to choose black.


Ms. Fall can have everything from pale to olive complexion in warm shades. Hair is usually in ore or chestnut color, and in all shades of brown. Eyes are alsorather in shades of brown, although there are also colors green and gray. All the colors of autumn that determine the time of year, that is, gold, brown, red, orange, green, yellow, are suitbale. As for the red, with red hair better will present shades of coral and brick, with brown – crisp and dark. In addition to the autumn colors, you might want to put it on a contrasting navy blue, turquoise, cornflower. For this type of beatuy gray, black and silver are not the best options.


As the name suggests it is the coldest of all types of beauty. Ms. Winter’s complexion can be either porcelain, as well as olive, however warm tones do not occur. The hair is always dark, and eyes can be practically in all possible colors. When it comes to winter clothing, color selection to the type of beauty is simple, many colors are appriopriate here. Colors associated with this time of year are very presentable and, for example, are contrasted with the cold beauty of the reds. As for the red, almost every shade of it will be proper, apart from brick red. They also fit bold colors – strong pink, orange, yellow, grenade, but equally pastel – salmon, lilac, etc.

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