4 ways to save on cosmetics

Posted: December 24th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

Beautiful, fully-professional make-up does not require beauticians stuffed with expensive products. There are some ways that made it possible to save on cosmetics, while maintaining a perfect appearance of the face and body.


Buy in supermarkets

Some of the amenities, such as pads, lotions and shampoos, are worth buying in the supermarket. You can spot a lot of bargains, such as getting one product for free when you buy two. Also, cotton balls or cotton pads, purchased in wholesale quantities will cost a lot less than retail at the drugstore. However, look at the packaging carefully to see if it was not already opened, and what’s the product expiration date.

Collect samples

As for shopping in a pharmacy or drugstore, ask for free samples of cosmetics, such as creams, lotions and even perfumes. Such samples will not only help you make a choice, but also will free you from the need to buy this product for a few days. Remember, however, that once you open the bag with the sample, especially when it comes to creams, lotions and masks, it is no longer fit for another use. Such products must be sealed before use so that they work as they should.

Prepare cosmetics yourself

A great way to save on cosmetics is to prepare homemade masks or conditioners. They have the advantage over cosmetics bought at the drugstore that you have control over what will be the composition of your mask. Hand-made product will definitely not contain large quantities of chemicals that cosmetics are usually stuffed with, as well as, most importantly, it will be much cheaper. You can also prepare homemade cosmetics such as eye shadow or lip gloss. Even perfumes can be prepared at home. Just search the web for recipes and instructional videos.

Moderation is the key

If you plan to purchase wholesale cosmetics, check the expiration date and check whether you will use the product prior to its expiry. It makes no sense to use the promotion, which gives us, for example, the purchase of two products for the price of one, if the latter will be thrown away.

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