4 ways to match the skirt with the figure

Posted: October 13th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

There is no more women’s element of the wardrobe, than the skirt. However, it’s necessary to know, which skirt to choose in order to highlight one’s advantages, simultaneously hiding weak points. The following ways to match the skirt with the figure will be helpful.

Broad hips

If your hips are wider than the upper body, you should choose skirts in the shape of the A letter. Your skirt should flow down the hips and lightly widen downwards. Definitely avoid wrinkling or ornaments in the hips areas. The skirts above knees aren’t suitable for you, because they even more emphasize inessential centimeters in the hips.

Wide shoulders and chest

The perfect way to match the skirt with the figure for women with the quite massive upper body are the skirts in the shape of A letter and lightly widening downwards. However, too short and straight skirts won’t look good. You’ll look better in skirts right above the knee or to ankles.


If you have women’s roundednesses, you should highlight them. You will look dreamlike in the pencil skirt. The best way is to put the blouse into the skirt and to underline the wholeness with the belt. Both too loose and very close-fitting skirts aren’t suitable for you. Decide also on the skirts which expose your legs.

Well-proportioned figure

If your figure doesn’t have visible differences in the width in hips areas and the chest, a good way to match the skirt to the figure type in your case are low-waisted skirts, lightly taken in at the bottom. You can experiment also with wrinkling and laces. If you have slim legs, show them. You can also wear skirts fitted in hips and flaring downwards. Thanks to them, you will gain a little bit of roundedness in hips areas

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