4 ways to match the jewellery with the kind of beauty

Posted: October 13th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Well-matched jewellery will not only enliven and complete the outfit, but also will emphasize advantages of your beauty. So get to know a few ways for matching the jewellery with the kind of beauty in order to know in which jewellery you will be look really good.


A balance is most important. If you are tiny, don’t put on the necklaces which are too long. If you have a bigger posture, don’t choose very short beads. If it comes to the bracelets, to the slender shoulders fit thin ones, and to the more massive shoulders – thicker ones.


Earrings should emphasize the shape of your face. The principle is that the shape of earrings constitutes the opposite of your face shape. If you have a round face, spherical earrings won’t be an appropriate way for matching of the jewellery to the kind of beauty. People with round face look the best in oblong, hanging, rectangular earrings which optically extend the face. To the face in the heart shape matches triangular or hanging earrings in the Spanish style. They will balance the narrow chin.


Learn more about the join of colours. It’s good to have a circle of colours in front of the eyes. Colours which lie side by side like for example blue and green, in combination will give the effect of the harmony. Colours situated on the opposite sides of the circle like for example yellow and purple are contrasting colours. Use your knowledge by matching of the colour jewellery with clothes. If you are choosing earrings, be guided by a colour of your eyes. Owners of green eyes will be looking dreamlike in red earrings, and if you have blue eyes, choose emerald or sapphire earrings, which lie close to blue on the colours circle.


The most important is to not exaggerate with the quantity of the jewellery. Probably, you don’t want to look like the Christmas tree. The key issue is not only a proper choice of the jewellery to the kind of beauty, but also to the outfit. If your clothes are plain, it’s worthwhile giving them a character with stronger stress in the form of the jewellery. If you will know, what accessories will suit your beauty and the match with the outfit, you will certainly look phenomenal.

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