4 ways to look younger

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Do not let them tell you that it’s not possible to fool the time. There are some very simple tricks, thanks to which you get younger appearance without surgery. Here are a few of them.


Modern, short hair has rejuvenating properties. There is no need to regret long hair, if they are destroyed by hairdressing treatments. Therefore, if you want to visually deduct yourself a few years, decide on fashionable bob necessarily. It’s found in many versions, making it versatile, it can be fitted to any face shape. It is also important that the haircut should have an appropriate volume’. A delicate layering and appropriate cosmetics to styling will provide it . Don’t overdo the hair spray, because the stiff helmet from hair doesn’t look good. Fit the right hair colour. Very dark colours and bright blonds instead of rejuvenate you, can add you a few years!


Skillfully made makeup can give your face a young, radiant look. Use light, creamy foundations. Avoid the use of dark lipstick, which ages, and optically diminish the lips. Bet on bright or colourless lip gloss, leaving the lips seductively moisturized. When it comes to your eyes, try to “open” them, outlining eyelashes with eyelash curler, carefully applying mascara on the eyelashes and emphasizing their line with eyeliner. Use a light eye shadow. Do not overdo with the makeup in order to not create unsightly mask on the face.


The yellowish shade of teeth doesn’t look nice and doesn’t deduce the years. So if your smile is spoiled by unsightly sediment, go to the dentist for blasting treatment, which removes it, or for whitening the teeth, if their appearance results from the natural colour of the bones. Don’t t try to bleach your teeth with home remedies, because you can destroy the enamel! Instead of it, reach for the toothpaste, having whitening properties, or for special strips.


Spare no expense for moisturizing your skin. Thanks to it, it keeps the younger appearance for longer. Invest in a good cream and body lotion. Spend some more time to the skin of face, neck and shoulders, because it’s the most delicate there. Drink at least 1.5 liters of mineral water per day. Avoid sunbaths, and if you love to bask in the sun, apply the cream with a strong UV filter. Remember that you can get a tan in a much healthier way – by using tanning lotions. Once in a while visit the beauty salon and use any of the moisturizing and regenerative treatments. Your skin will pay you back with young and beautiful appearance!

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