4 ways to increase hair volume

Posted: December 25th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

Each of us dreams of a beautiful, thick and fluffy hair. But few who can boast such. You can change it by learning a few simple ways to increase hair volume.

how to increase hair volume


It is the foundation of achieving lush mane on your head. It is worth investing in any of the hair care products specifically designed to increase their volume. Maybe one of them will be a hit. Such cosmetics work in such a way that they contain particles that attach themselves to the hair, and then repel, causing the push-up effect.


If you use a dryer, learn to keep your head down during drying. This is a very simple way to increase the volume of hair. However, this effect is short-lived, so it would be good to consolidate it with foam or varnish. If you have more time, stop the drying when the hair is still a little damp, divide it into strips and dry by winding around a thick, round brush.

From the foundation

Note that increasing the volume of hair should begin in their foundation. Do not overload the tip over because it tempers the hair. It would be best if you spray the hair with a special detergent, wafting it at the foundation and distribute it the entire length of hair, using a comb.

Back combing

Back combing hair is a very old and proven way to increase its volume. However, so the effect does not seem artificially narrow, back comb narrow straps of hair, at the skin. Then treat them properly and put under the top layer of hair.

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