4 ways to hide the roots

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Do you have no time to visit the hairdresser, and the troublesome roots keep you awake at night? Or maybe do you want to return to your natural hair colour? Don’t worry, there are simple ways to hide the roots. We list some of them.


One of the cheapest and at the same time the easiest method is also suitable hairstyle. The roots become barely visible thanks to comb backs, bands, careless buns. Try to make hairstyles without partings. If you have naturally straight hair, curl it. On the curly hair the roots are much less noticeable than on smooth one.


Do you want to go back to your natural hair colour, but you don’t want to destroy it with discoloration treatment? Do it gradually. Do not give up at once the colourization, leave on the head the natural colour and make a few highlights in a different shade. Thanks to them the roots will be much less visible.


Do You need a simple and instantaneous way to hide the roots? Reach for the headgear! Caps, hats and scarves come back to fashion, and thanks to them you’ll look not only stylish, but you also hide the unfortunate roots from the gazes until you visit the hairdresser’s chair.


Maybe do you use the paint, which will harmonize the colour of your hair for a few weeks, until it won’t be washed off? In the drugstores you can also find other cosmetics, which will cope with roots- powders in sprays, toners, or colouring sticks.

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