4 ways to extend eyelashes

Posted: October 18th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Nothing gives women the look, sex appeal and sensuality, like beautiful, long eyelashes. Women who were born with long eyelashes can consider themselves real lucky women. However the ones without them don’t have to worry, because there are simple ways of extending your eyelashes.

Eyelash curler

Eyelash curlers turn up and at the same time optically extend eyelashes. It is very easy to use. After tightening its ends on eyelashes you will immediately notice effects.


If you care about really spectacular effects, you should not pity money for mascara to eyelashes. It is worth investing in it so that it will be efficient, won’t glue eyelashes together and won’t be creating pellets. Additionally polymers are ensuring a high adhesion of mascara to eyelashes. The best effects, as regards extended eyelashes, can be achieved with atwo-piece mscara, with white and black part. The white one is put as the base, and after that drying cover the eyelashes with mascara


If you already have long eyelashes, however so bright, that almost no one can see them, and also you would like to achieve an effect longer than with mascara, it is worthdyeing your eyelashes with henna. Its effects are not only natural, but also lasting for 4-5 weeks.

False eyelashes

Sticking false eyelashes is very effective. We can buy some at the chemist’s and stick them independently, using a special glue, attached in the set. Such a glue is safe for the skin and isn’t causing irritation, even people with sensitive eyes can use it. After applying the product it is necessary to retouch the eyelashes carefully so that there is seemingly no difference. If we want to achieve more durable effects, it is worth visiting a beauty salon. Sticking eyelashes will last about 3 hours there. Such eyelashes will be immune to effects of atmospheric agents and it’s very luxurious.

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