4 ways to disguise broad shoulders

Posted: December 25th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

If you have broad shoulders and rather slim hips and you want to somehow balance that, these tips are for you. Disguising broad shoulders is easy enough after your learn a few tricks relating to clothing.

4 ways to disguise broad shoulders

What to avoid

The basic thing, as regards covering broad shoulders , is the knowledge which clothes should be avoided. Blouses or dresses, sleeveless shirts are certainly not for you. Forget about jackets with shoulder pads.


Round neckline, in the shape of a boat or diamond shaped, are the kinds of necklines, which should be avoided. Oval and triangular necklines will look fine, on the other hand.

Fitting cuts

In your closet you cannot do without a shirt with a wide collar and double cuffs, asymmetrical cardigan, single-row coat or a dress. These cuts are especially created for you, so that disguising broad shoulders will be much easier.


If you’re a fan of dresses, choose those that are frill at the bottom. It optically reduces the weight your shoulders and slims hips and adds curves. If you decide to dress with straps, they cannot be too thin. With broad shoulders corsets are allowed, but under the condition that you wear a scarf over your shoulders or a sweater. You will look fine in dresses with sleeves in the shape of the letter V.

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