4 ways for swollen eyelids

Posted: October 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

At the contemporary lifestyle in general we rarely have a chance to get enough sleep. The lack of the sleep is usually resulted in swellings on eyelids. However, there are very simple solutions for swollen eyelids, which you must absolutely get to know.

Work hygiene at the computer

Long-term gazing at the monitor foster the swelling of eyelids. Working by the computer, it’s necessary. from time to time. to give your eyes some rest. Every a dozen or so minutes avert your eyes from the computer and stare into space. It’s also possible to cast special, protective drops to eyes, as well as to put cool, humid cotton swabs on eyelids. If you will act in this way, you will protect eyes from tiredness.


If you already know that you have tendency to swelling of eyelids, it’s better to prevent it already earlier, during the evening, before going to bed. Don’t wash the face with too warm water. It’s also worthwhile investing in the special, gel blindfold, which is being stored in the refrigerator. Such a compress, put on just before going to bed will relax you in wonderful way, as well as will take care of the eyelids health.


A good solution for swollen eyelids is the washing eyes with the cotton swab, moistened with tea infusion. However, it’s necessary to remember that it should be ordinary, black or green tea, rather than flavoured or taste tea. The camomile, lime tree or the sage compress also brings good results..


Ice compress has beneficial effects. However, you can’t put the ice cubes directly on the eyelids skin, because it’s too gentle. It’s better to wrap the ice cubes up into the gauze and make delicate massage of eyes areas with prepared bundle. Instead of ice, we can also use teaspoons. They are perfectly shaped. Just put them for a few moments to the freezer. However, it’s necessary to secure eyelids with cream in order to prevent sticking of icy metal to the skin.

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