4 ways for homemade honey cosmetics

Posted: October 15th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Bee honey has nourishing, regenerating and moistening properties, appropriate for every type of complexion. It is not without a reason that shelves at chemists are filled with a whole range of cosmetics with the addition of this miraculous, golden liquid. However, a few simple recipes will let you create your own homemade, honey cosmetics.

Face mask for dry skin

Such a face mask will miraculously moisturize dry and rough skin. We need 3-4 spoons of a cream cheese, yolk and 2 teaspoons of honey for that purpose. Mix ingredients up with each other, and then put the pap on washed and drained skin. After 20 minutes wash with lukewarm, boiled water. You can add half a teaspoonful of cinnamon to such a face mask. Thismask is also suitable for an handcare.

Body scrub

Prepare an excellent, nutritious and exfoliating scrub from 3-4 spoons of nuts or almonds, 1 teaspoonful of lemon juice and 5-6 spoons of liquid honey. Mix the ingredients up, until getting a semi fluid substance. If necessary it is possible to add a little more honey. Created blend massage gently into the body with circular moves and rinse with lukewarm water.

Hair conditioner

Homemade cosmetics of honey are also able to have a beneficial effect on damaged hair. It will be sufficient to mix 100 grams of honey with 1-3 spoons of olive oil. Distribute the blend on wet hair, put the cap on and leave it fo about half an hour. Nextly, wash carefully your head with a shampoo and rinse it. After thisyour hair will be extremely shiny and silky.


From the golden liquid you can also prepare a face cream. For that purpose mix a spoon of honey with a spoon of olive oil. The cream needs to be applied for the night, because it is then when nutritients are absorbed best. In the morning your face will be greatly moistened and radiant. The cream is suitable for every sort of complexion.

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