4 ways for homemade curls and waves

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Haistyle

Not all of us can boast about beautiful, naturally curly hair. However, such women can also quickly and easily conjure up a storm on their curly head. Just learn some simple, homemade ways to do curls and waves.


This method will help you get soft curls. Divide your hair into parts, each band should be sprayed with a hairspray and twisted right up to the scalp. Fix the created bun with clips or hairpins. If we want small curls, parts of hair have to be thinner, but for large curls just about 4-5 buns is enough. Depending on how susceptible they are, we leave the hair for 15-40 minutes, then untie the hair and arrange it with your fingers.


Curler will provide us with beautiful and permanently twisted hair. Hair should be divided into strands, the highest parts clamped, buckled and rolled the rest to the curler.. You have to remember to properly wind the hair around the curling iron tip so that it does not stick out. At the end, form the curls with your fingers and use a hairspray.

Braid hair

Easy ways of doing curls and waves are simple braids. Divided into lots of hair gel, lightly drag the hair and form a braid each band. Their number should depend on what kind of effect we want to achieve. The thinner the braid, the more fluffy our hair is. A drawback of this method is that you need to wear braids long enough for the result to be satisfactory.


A quick way to create a storm of waves on your head is to use foam. Just apply the foam, to washed, damp hair, tilt your head and let the air stream from the dryer dry your hair while kneading your hair. After a few moments, you get very naturally wavy hair.

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