4 ways for homemade beauty treatments

Posted: October 18th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Every one of us at least once has prepared a homemade face mask, but it turns out that it is not an the only cosmetic that is possible to produce at home. You can get to know a few simplest manners for home beauty treatments, in order not to spend money at chemists, using equally effective, and healthy and eco-friendly preparations.

Apricot – lemon lip lotion

This tasty, conditioning balsam is perfect especially for chapped lips. In order to prepare it you will need 1 teaspoon of beeswax, 1 teaspoon of apricot stone oil, 1 teaspoon of marigold oil and a few drops of the essential oil of lemon or orange. You should melt wax, next add apricot stone and marigold oil, stirring all the time. Take the mixture from the fire and stir it constantly and after it cools, add the essential oil. Next transfer everything into the small container and leave it to concentrate.

Strawberry lipgloss

Lipgloss for your lips, prepared at home will not only nourish your lips but also grant a beautiful appearance to them. Such home cosmetics have above all this advantage, that they taste and smell wonderfully, and it is thanks to entirely natural components, rather than, like in case of available spinners at chemists, thanks to chemical aromas. For preparing lipgloss you will need 6-8 strawberries, spoonful of olive oil, half a spoonful of honey, 2 drops of vitamin E, gauze and a small container. Mix all ingredients and heat them until boiling point. Mash fruits so that mixture gets the most vivid colour. Leave it to cool down, and then impress through the gauze, for getting a solid mash. After total cooling transfer the mass into the container. For a better effect it is possible to add a few drops of a red food colouring.

Lemon shampoo

Lemon shampoo will be useful particularly to matte hair, deprived of glitter and vitality. We need 2 spoons of common soapwort (a herb, having the properties similar to soap), half a litre of water, 2.5 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2 yolks of egg and a few drops of lemon essential oil. Cook water along with the soapwort, then add remaining elements all over and simmer for about 15 minutes. Cooled shampoo is ready for use.

Milk scrub for face and body

For smoothing the face and the body you can prepare home cosmetics from 2 glasses of sugar, preferably brown. Add it to 5-10 spoonfulfuls of milk, and then put on the body. After 15 minutes commence a thorough massage of the body with circular moves. For sensitive skin it is better to grind the sugar down and to add a larger quantity of milk.

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