4 ways for fashionable look in the office

Posted: October 4th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

In every office the specific rules are prevailing- so called “dress code”. However, it doesn’t mean that you can not dress up to work according to the latest trends. Here are some ways to look fashionable in the office.


The most classic combination of colours is, of course, black and white. The set in this colouring may seem boring, but the colours aren’t the most important, the cut is. Completely different will look stiff, classic shingle, and different the elegant cigarillos with the crease, trapezoid skirt or pencil skirt with high waist in conjunction with a simple blouse in man’s cut and knitted cardigan. Black and white are, after all, the colours which will always be fashionable and the form decides on the trendy appearance of the stylization.


As it’s known, in every company, other dress code is determined. However, in general, you should avoid bright, saturated colours in favour of classic black, white and muted colours. In this season, the pastels returned, so the mint green, blue or powder pink will assure you the fashionable look in the office. Also beiges and grays are welcome in the the office. However, don’tt get dressed from head to toe in bright colours, allow yourself for some detail in a more resolute colour, which will refresh the whole stylization – belt, neckerchief or handbag.


The devil is in the details. Even if your company prevail very strict rules, when it comes to clothes, skillfully chosen detail can break even the most rigid stylization. However, remember to not overdo the amount of accessories. A thin belt on the waist or hips, delicate earrings and a ring or bracelet and neck chain will be sufficient.


The fashionable look in the office depends largely on the shoes, which you will put on. You will destroy even the most carefully chosen stylization, if you put on to the office the stilettos sandals, or flip-flops. So avoid shoes with open toes or heels. Equipped yourself though, preferably, in a few pairs of classic court shoes with the medium-high heels. A good idea will be also very comfortable moccasins or ballet pumps.

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