4 tips on how to wear metallic colours

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Metallic colours are the perfect proposals for summer. Gold and silver sparkle beautifully in the sunbeams and additionally enhance a summer tan, thanks to which you can’t remain unnoticed. So if you want to look fashionable and to shine, get to know how to wear metallic colours.


If you don’t want to gain the nickname Queen of fashion victim, allow yourself for only one part of clothing in a metallic colour. Beware also of accessories – they also should not shine too much and compete with the outfit. Bet on the full minimalism. Also, hairstyle and makeup should be rather modest. Let your outfit come out to the foreground.


The colours with which you can combine the metallic colours are primarily muted beiges, grays. It is also safe to combine silver and gold with a classic black and white. Rather avoid the saturated colours, they can appear in your stylization only in the form of accessories.


If you don’t have the courage to get dressed entirely in the gold and silver, maybe you decide on glittering accessories. Belt, jewellery, handbags, and maybe shoes? Glossy detail effectively attract attention so it should be in a place, which you would like to emphasize.


Unfortunately, not every one of us can wear metallic colours. If you think you have a little bit too much fat, you’d better resign from the shimmering fabrics. The metallic look is rather reserved for slim girls. On the other hand, gold and silver can be used to model your figure. Do you have a slim upper body but wide hips? Put the gold or silver blouse and black trousers on. Do you have small breasts? Choose the top, which will have the metal details just in their surroundings.

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