4 tips on how to survive the whole party wearing high heels

Posted: October 23rd, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

High heels are an absolute must for your party-style. Nothing could be better to visually lengthen your legs, emphasize your buttocks, or make your hips sway sexily. But dancing the night in high heels is often almost impossible, and you usually feel the painful effects the next day. However, there are some simple methods to do this. How to survive the whole event wearing high heels? Here are our tips.

Convenience comes first

First, take a look at the high heels in which you plan to go to a party. See whether they are new and have ever been worn. Whether they are too tight or on the contrary – whether they are too broad and fall from your feet. Whether your feet slide forward too much. Can you walk and dance without problems. If any of these is the case, be sure to change the shoes to some other. Remember that even if you feel only a slight discomfort while wearing them – after a few hours at the party, it will rise to a new level of hellish torture. Actually, the only hope is for new shoes – wear them in before, even at home and get used to them, otherwise you’ll get abrasions and blisters.

Getting Started

If you put your first steps in high heels, pay attention to the height of the heel. It cannot be too high, not only because it will be simply uncomfortable and dangerous to your health. The more you try to walk gracefully in towering heels, the more grotesque it will look .

Precautionary measures

How to survive the whole event in heels? Ensure appropriate protective measures – we mean all inserts, especially gel ones that will bring relief to your feet – they reduce pain, amortize any shocks during movement and protect sensitive soles of the feet. These inserts fit perfectly to the shape of the foot and shops offer different types of those, so they can match your high heels.

First aid kit

Just in case, bring a little “first aid kit”. It should contain plasters for any abrasions and corns, hydrogen peroxide and … an extra pair of flat-heeled shoes, in case you can no longer endure dancing in high heels.

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