4 tips on how to cover up the excess weight through attire

Posted: October 23rd, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Unfortunately, mother nature gave the perfect figure to not every one of us, and additional pounds are hard to shake off. But there are other ways to look feminine and sexy. Do you want to learn how to cover up unwanted pounds with clothes? Here is a hint.


Tunic is the perfect cut for you, if you are plump. Choose the best cuts of length to mid-thigh, cut under the bust and softly flowing downwards. This not only masks the protruding belly – but also emphasizes your definite advantage, which are full breasts. To further enhance the effect, look for tunics with V-neck – as thanks to them you will optically lengthen the silhouette.


How to cover up the excess weight with the outfit? Dresses are the answer! Ladies in XXL size look really feminine when wearing them. Choose combinations made from airy fabrics, for example chiffon, which is fashionable this season. Search for the Empire style, which ends under the bust and extends downwards. You can rely on deep, sexy necklines – you’ll look great with a triangular or envelope neckline, which beautifully highlights your qualities. Avoid ruffles as they will extend your silhouette, put on the vertical cut that visually slims it. And you will not look good in a dress with thin straps. Choose thicker, or with fine, wider sleeves.


A great way to optical slim figure are trousers with a crease – as you know, vertical elements makes things appear longer. Trousers in subtle stripes will be great for you. Trousers should be made of soft, preferably “pouring” fabric. Legs should be straight and slightly wider. Looking for less elegant trousers? You can bet on the jeans! Simple, dark, with a higher waist and without unnecessary ornaments – is the most appropriate fashion for you. And what about the shorts? Choose a model with wider legs, with an up to mid-thigh length.

Shoes and Accessories

Here you can go crazy. Choose shoes and accessories that will turn your attention away from imperfections. When it comes to shoes, they have to be higher- with heels or wedges. But beware of the high heels! In these you can look a bit grotesque. Choose more robust, wide-set heels. Even the low ones will completely transform the appearance of the figure. Super trendy wedges will also be an excellent choice. When it comes to accessories, look for elongated, hanging pendants and earrings, bearing in mind that what’s vertical, slims you.

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