4 tips on how to buy comfortable high-heeled shoes

Posted: October 23rd, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

High heels – thanks to them women’s legs look so neatly and sexy, so keep in your closet at least one pair and wear them as often as possible. Unfortunately, many women give up wearing high heels and high-heeled shoes, explaining that the fact that they are very uncomfortable. How to buy comfortable high heels? Here’s a quick guide.

Heel height

The towering heeled shoes look beautiful and watching them in the store or the pictures makes each of us want them. But the truth is that very few of us know how to walk in the shoes in such a way that it looks really sexy, instead of funny. Note that stumbling even happens to top models when in towering high heels. Wearing very high heels can be dangerous not only to your reputation in the eyes of others, but also for your health and life! Therefore, it is best, at least to start with, to select a lower heel. Best is the height of 4-5 cm. Note that the height of heels is not important – actually even the shortest has a positive effect on your appearance.

A little more about the heels

How to buy comfortable high heels? Pay attention to heels. Heels should be properly seated in the middle of the heel. So be sure to check in the store, whether this is the case. Shoes on thick, widely embedded heels are the most comfortable – it’s a lot easier to keep one’s balance in them, than in thin heels. Try to walk them in the shop. Please note if you feel stable in them, and if your weight is evenly distributed.


Ideally, shoes should be made of leather, both outside and inside. Leather shoes will adapt to the shape of your foot, and those made of plastic – will not. If you cannot afford leather shoes, make sure at least that the inner liner was made of leather. With this it will not sweat and to keep it at least a minimum of comfort.

Comforting your feet

As you know, each new pair of shoes needs a little disperse and the beginning of problems can arise in the form of sore feet, blisters and abrasions. Stock up in advance in silicone gel inserts that provide relief and comfort feet – absorb shock and protect the foot sole soft, reduce their pain.

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