4 tips how to wear the shirt

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The shirt is a very versatile outfit- it can be worn practically to everything, every day and on holidays. However, you have to know how to wear a shirt in order to look really cool in it. Use our tips.

With the belt

A shirt plus the belt is the perfect set for body shaping. Put a loose shirt on and fasten a thin belt under the breast. In this way you won’t only visually enlarge the breasts, but also hide protruding belly. With the belt you can also emphasize the waist, or you can wear it loosely on the hips.

Put into trousers

How to wear the shirt put into trousers or skirt? Invest in the body. The shirt buttoned in the crotch will be more nice lie on the body and you will be sure that it will always stay in its place without necessity to correct it.


Under white or slightly translucent shirt, it’s necessary to put on bra in fleshy colour . If it’s cooler, you can put on the undershirt in the colour of the shirt.


If you want to feel comfortable in your shirt, resign from synthetic fabrics. There is nothing worse than a huge sweat stains on the elegant shirt. However, if you like the shirt, for example, made of satin, put a thin, cotton blouse with short sleeves underneath.

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