4 tips how to wear striped clothes

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Big stripes, stripes and little stripes stayed in the world of fashion some time ago and established there for good. They match practically for every occasion and in every age. However, it’s important to know how to wear stripped clothes in order to skillfully emphasize values of your figure, and to not highlight its weak point, and disguise them effectively. Here are some hints.

Vertical stripes

If you want to look taller and slimmer than you are in fact, wear the clothes with vertical stripes. Even thin and almost invisible stripes visually lengthen your silhouette and add it’s the lightness. Wear vertical stripes in every places, where you want to look thinner, but be careful to not overdo with their quantity.

Horizontal Stripes

If your figure is slim, and even skinny, you can with no obstacles wear clothes with horizontal stripes, which optically slightly widen the silhouette. In your case, the vertical stripes can make you look like lean “hanger”. Remember, that with horizontal stripes you can also model the individual parts of silhouette- you can for example optically enlarge breasts, putting on a shirt with horizontal stripes on breast.

Oblique stripes

How to wear stripped clothes in order to hide the weak points of your body? Vertical stripes are a good solution, but we shouldn’t also forget about slimming action of oblique stripes. They look interesting and original, they effectively divert attention from parts, which we would like to hide.

Other patterns

Generally, the strips shouldn’t be combined with other patterns, such as check, flowers, polka dots. Also combination of horizontal and vertical strips in one stylization looks bad. The best company for big stripes and little stripes are homogenous colours. A bold mixes of patterns is a task for experienced fashion women.

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