4 tips how to wear braces

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

It would seem that braces are rather the male part of wardrobe, but recently they become popular also among the ladies. How to wear braces? Here are some tips.

Not only with trousers

Who said that braces are used only for upholding the trousers? You can successfully put them also to shorts, miniskirts, or even to an elegant pencil skirt. Everything depends on the occasion and your tastes.

In the masculine style

At the beginning the braces were only in the men’s wardrobes. So it’s worth to inspire of it a little bit and create the stylization in men’s style – braces, attached to plain trousers, blouse and tie. The feminine complement of the set can be high heels.


The skirt with braces? Why not! In the elegant version – pencil, high-waisted skirt combined with the blouse. In the daily version – miniskirt with t-shirt or top.


In creating yours image in the braces not only the outfit is important, but also kind of worn braces. Every day you can wear these funny, colourful, made of the tape. To work or for more formal occasions, the braces from shiny fabrics or classic leather will be great.

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