4 tips How To Get Rid Of Side Fat

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Side fat is a problem for both women and men. There is no golden bullet to get rid of them, the key is a proper diet and exercise. Below are some suggestions for exercises that, done regularly, will allow you to get rid of excess fat on the sides.

Torso twists

The exercise consists in sitting in a chair and holding something heavy in your hands and make fast, steady torso twists. Twists can be performed also while standing, with a stick held on your back.

Lateral bending

Stay in a strattle position, and holding a hantles in your hands, or other heavy objects, bend, gradually to the sides. Exercise must be performed for at least 3 minutes.

Pull your legs to your chest

Lie flat on the floor, lean on your elbows. Firstly, pull your right leg, then bend it at the knee to the chest, then the left one, then both. You have to do 15 repetitions, then increase the amount of about 5 with every week.

Hula – hoop

A great, yet fun way to get rid of side fatis a good old hula-hop. Nothing else slims the waist like this. Just 15 minutes for fun each day.

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