4 tips how to choose the proper bra

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Bad-matched bra can make that even the most alluring breast will lose much of its appearance. Therefore, it’s very important to know how to choose the perfect bra in order to your breast may look beautiful as long as possible. We have prepared a few tips, thanks to which the choosing of the proper bra will be a piece of cake

Circumference under the breast

The size of the bra consists in cup and circumference. It’s very important that the circumference has been measured accurately and carefully, because the weight of your breast is based on it, and not, as some thinks, on straps. In order to measure the circumference, apply the tape-measure just under the breasts and twist with it quite tight. The result you have to round down to 5. So if you got 84, round it down to 80, not to 85. Remember that the bra circumference will stretch with the passage of time, so you’d better choose a little tighter in order to a bra give the breasts an adequate support.

The circumference of the breast

Now is the time to measure the cup. It’s the second determinant of how to choose the perfect bra. In this time we measure inversely to the previous case, i.e. loose. We lay tape-measure at the height of the nipples. Both results (circumference under the breasts and in the breasts) check in a special table sizes.

Trying on

When you already know your bra size, it’s time for a trip to the store with underwear, and to try on a few chosen models. Remember to be guided primarily by convenience, not the look of bra. Remember to fasten the bra for the last, the loosest hook. Make sure the bra fits well in the cups, or breasts don’t “run out” of them and whether the underwires don’t overlap on them. After dressing up the bra, gym in it a little bit- bend, jump, in order to check, if the bra will remain in place.


To which cuts you should pay attention in the stores? If you have a small breast, choose a half cup bra, which perfectly exposes the breasts. Perfect for you will be also plunge – in this kind of bra, the underwires in the middle end low, thanks to which they collect the breasts and push them forward. It’s a myth that the best for small breast is push up – it, in fact, flattens them, and what is worse, this bra can deform the breast. If you have large breasts, buy a bra with full cups, covering the entire breast. Good fashion is also a “balconette”, with ¾ cups.

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