4 steps to make up a mature woman

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Regardless of age, each of us wants to look beautiful. Even in mature age, you can achieve a very attractive appearance, thanks to the proper art of makeup. Here are a few simple steps to prepare make up for a mature woman.

mature woman makeup

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Your foundation should have a light texture and be perfectly matched to the color of your skin. Apply a reasonable amount of the cosmetic on the forehead, nose and chin. Remember that the thicker layer of primer you use, the more your wrinkles are visible. Use a bright eye concealer that will hide the dark circles under the eyes and refresh your look.

Bronzer and blusher

To slightly warm your skin, the use bronzer face powder on outer layers. On the cheekbones, apply light blusher.

Eye makeup

Make-up of a mature woman cannot do without proper highlight of the eyes. What is important is the appropriate method for applying shadow. With grinding it diagonally upwards, you will visually lift your corners of the eyes. Choose matte shades of soft colors, such as graphite. Put it in the outer corners of the eyes, remembering about smearing it. Accentuate the inner corners of a lighter shade, such as ivory. Smudge the boundaries between the shadows. Lower eyelids should be very gently highlighted with a graphite shadow, applying it to three-quarters the length of the eyelid. In the upper eyelid lash line eyeliner, draw a thin, fine line, camouflaging it slightly with a black shadow.

Makeup for the lips

Apply liner to your lips. The resulting contour should be covered with lipstick in the same or a darker color tone. Remember to cover the borders.

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