4 steps for the eyebrows regulations

Posted: August 17th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

The eyebrows constitute the frame for the eyes. However, not everyone can boast of a perfect look of the “frame”. These people should learn how the eyebrow regulation should look like.

Determine the beginning

In order to determine where the eyebrow should start, we use, for example, a pencil. We put its end vertically in the side of nose’s dorsum . Take out all hairs placed behind the determine line.

Create an arc

The place of eyebrow bending should be at the level of the outer edge of the iris. In this point, you should put a pencil tip. Then we shape the arc. We can facilitate the task by drawing with pencil the suitable shape for you. Do not take out the hairs placed above the eyebrow, unless it stands out.

Make corrections

In this moment you should, grow away the mirror from your and compare two eyebrows. Make corrections in order they look the same. Often, the removal of even a single hair make a difference. That is way the corrections are very important in order to the eyebrows regulations proceed properly.

Determine the end

We set the outer edge of the eyebrow by putting a pencil to the nose, so that the determined line passes through the outer corner of eye. The end of the eyebrows is in the place where this line brings together with the eyebrow. It is necessary to take out all hairs placed behind this line.

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