4 solutions for tired legs

Posted: August 17th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

The legs serve us faithfully during the day, carrying the weight of our body. It’s no wonder that after a hard day they feel tired. It is worth then to devote a moment and provide a proper care not only to improve their form, but also appearance. The following solutions for tired legs may be helpful.

Herbal therapy

The real relief to our feet bring immersing them in a bowl of cool water, to which we add the previously prepared an infusion from the herbs that have relaxing properties. For example peppermint or chamomile. After this bath, it is worth to apply on the foot and calf cooling ointment or cream with extract of horse chestnut. This specific has the function, which prevent varicose veins and strengthen the veins.


A very important element, which improves the functioning of the circulatory system is motion. If the job requires from us prolonged standing or sitting, you have to occasionally take a break. During the break we need to move a little, make some simple exercises, because these are the best solutions for tired legs. If we have more free time, on order to strengthen the legs and prevent their rapid tiring the swimming, cycling, running and walking is recommended.

Legs up

The real relief to tired and swollen legs will bring to rise them above the body when we lie. It is the best to remain in this position during sleep, this can be easily achieved through a putting under the calves a pillow. Such a position clearly improves blood circulation.


A cold shower has a beneficial influence on blood circulation and disposal of pain and heavy legs feeling. Even better results brings alternate very cold and lukewarm shower. It is also good to massage the legs during the shower with a rough glove or sponge.

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