4 solutions for the firm face skin

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The skin with the age loses its firmness and elasticity, and it is most visible on the face. In addition, factors such as stress, or improper care, even accelerate this process. It is therefore important to learn the solutions for firm face skin and to be able to enjoy its fresh and young look as long as possible.


Moisturizing and firming cosmetics are a real weapon against skin aging. However, it is important to know how to choose a cosmetic in order to it works effectively. It is the best to use creams that contain collagen and elastin, they form the supporting tissue of the skin. It is worth to choose cosmetics that contain hyaluronic acid, is responsible for maintaining proper moisturizing of the skin, regulates water and has an impact on rejuvenation.

Massage during moisturizing

Appropriate massage is the perfect way to firm facial skin. Just massage the skin during cream applying. First, we heat up the cream in the hands, in this way it will be better absorbs into the epidermis. Above all, we should massage a place where wrinkles are, the forehead, nose and chin. We massage the forehead with index and middle fingers of both hands, leading them from the nose toward the temples. The skin around the eyes we massage first under the eyes, from the temples to the nose and under the eyebrow. Nasal – lips folds should be massaged from the inside chin to the nostrils. You can also do massage during your daily cleansing.

Massage during purification

Firming massage we can also use during the daily cleaning of the face. To do this, wash your hands and leave them under a stream of warm water for about half a minute in order to prepare them for massage and cosmetic distribution. On the wet hands we apply washing gel or lotion and we massage the face with hands, with spacious, circular movements, from the center of the face outward. With fingertips we oppress eyebrow, we make a circular movements on the forehead, cheeks and eyes. Then we put the thumbs on the chin and the other on the temples, we gently press the chin for 5 seconds and in the same pace we slow down the pressure. With the rest of the fingers we press the cheeks, moving the fingers in the ears direction.


Using from time to time peeling is the ideal solution for firm facial skin. Scrub does not only exfoliates the dead epidermis, but also improves blood circulation and prepares the skin to receive nourishing and moisturizers cosmetics. The best results brings using the scrub once a week. You can buy ready-made cosmetics in drugstores, or prepare your own peeling, using, for example, finely chopped nuts, ground coffee, salt, and sugar.

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