4 solutions for the excessive facial hair

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The problem, which is excessive hair on the face is called hirsutism. This disease is consist in the presence of male type hair at women. The hirsutism should never be disregarded and never try to remove hair off for your own hand, it is essential to consult it with a doctor to avoid complications. However, in the age of the promotion by medium the smooth and velvety face, in most cases, hirsuitism is simply named the hairs under the nose, so-called mustaches. They are genetically determined and generally more visible at women with darker skin. If this kind of problem concerns you, you should learn how to deal with the mustaches.


The best and most effective way for home depilation of mustaches are slices of wax. Before using, we heat the slices up in hands and stick over the upper lip, and then we tear them off firmly, always in the opposite direction to the direction of hair growth. This procedure requires some practice and is quite painful, but it will free us from the problem of unwanted hair for at least 3 weeks.


Much more simple and totally painless solution for excessive facial hair is applying on them a special depilatory cream. This method works only in case of thin and weak hair. The cream is applied above the upper lip, and after about fifteen minutes we tear it off with a spatula. After this depilation, the skin can be irritated, so we should apply the cream or ointment on them. On the dark hairs, you can use lightening cream, but it will cost several dozen of PLN. However, Never use an oxidant, which leaves on the skin ugly white spots.

At the beautician

The most popular hair removal procedure at beauty parlou is waxing. The treatment consists in applying the hot wax over the upper lip, which, after drying just falls off. Although the procedure is quite painful, it will allow us to get rid of even very short hairs. If you remove a single, thick hair, beautician can offer us the electrolysis procedure, which consist in removing them with electricity.

At the dermatologist

Undoubtedly the best, but also the most expensive solution for excessive facial hair is laser hair depilation. The treatment consist in the destruction of hair fluffy. Depilation must be repeated several times, but after this time, the problem will disappear completely. This method is also quite painless. However, it may be painful for our wallet, because one treatment costs about $ 250.

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