4 solutions for teeth care

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Dental Care is important not only for the nice appearance of our smile, but also for health. You have to know what measures to choose in order to do it properly and to not make any negligence.


When you select a toothbrush you need to pay attention to whether or not it irritates your teeth and gums. For sensitive teeth, but not only, it is the best to decide on one with soft bristle, which shouldn’t rub the enamel too much. The most convenient and efficient are toothbrushes with a flexible, arching neck,. They do not exert too much unnecessary pressure on the teeth. The appropriate storage of toothbrush is also very important. New toothbrush before using, we blanch with boiling water, and once in a while we decontaminate it with antiseptic liquid. After each tooth brushing , thoroughly washed and dried toothbrush should be kept in a cup. Each toothbrush users after 2-3 months and then it should be replaced by a new one.


In order to choose proper toothpaste for us, you should consider what exactly they need. There are universal paste, and also toothpaste, which protect the gums, whitening toothpaste for sensitivity and those that provide fresh breath. The choice is really great and actually there is no answer to the question which toothpaste is the best. Actually, everyone is good, the most important is if it is used systematically.


The mouthwash liquid is also a good solution, if our goal is the teeth care. This rinse you can prepare on your own, for example, with chamomile or sage, or select one available in drugstores and pharmacies. Rinsing the mouth with these liquids, you remove inaccessible for toothbrush impurities and restores a proper pH level in your mouth. Mouthwash liquids were designed for individual patient needs, that is why we have measures against periodontitis, unpleasant odors from the mouth, intended for sensitive teeth, tartar fighting or supporting the whitening. Just think which problem concerns you and regularly use the liquid to get rid of this problem.

Dental floss

Even the best toothbrush are not able to cope with all contaminants, especially with those, which stuck in the crevices between the teeth. It will be helpful to use dental floss, which thoroughly cleans tight interdental spaces. The choose of right one depends on the comfort of the usage, so it is the best to try several and choose the one most appropriate for you.

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