4 solutions for skin regeneration

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The face skin, exposed to many harmful agents, as well as with the time, needs adequate recovery. Regeneration of the skin can be made in a costly way, it is in the beauty paraleu, or much cheaper in the solitude of your own home. No matter which method you choose, only accuracy and systematics will provide us with adequate recovery.

Herbal mask

In order to make a regenerating mask at home, we need to mix in different proportions cornflower, linden, chamomile, horsetail herb and mantle. The spoon of the mixture should be poured with a glass of water, boil and leave to cool. We apply the mask on the face and cover with gauze moistened with stock. After 20 minutes, we rinse it with boiled water.

Mask of the potato

Regenerative properties we find also in the potato. It contains, inter alia, a lot of C vitamin , is bactericidal. We peel a raw potatoes and grate. The prepared paste is applied on the face for 15 minutes. After this time, rinse the mask with warm, boiled water.


If our goal is effective regeneration of the skin, it is worth to use of any treatments offered by beauty parlous. Good results can bring, for example, cavitation peeling. It is a procedure of cleansing and exfoliation of the skin, carried out by means of ultrasonic vibrations. Cavitation is also an excellent introduction to other cosmetic treatments. Thanks to it the nourishing substances penetrate more deeply into the skin, the treatment removes deposited in the pores sebum, reduces oily, moisturizing, and most importantly – regenerates the skin.

Night Treatment

Skin regeneration proceeds most intensively at night. In order to facilitate the regeneration of the skin even more, you should use appropriate cosmetics for the night. Night creams do not contain filters, protecting against harmful UV rays, they are not also overloaded with other protective components, which are needed during the day. However, they contain a lot of vitamins and microelements, in such concentration degree, which wouldn’t be possible in the cream for the day. Therefore, the effect of creams at night is much stronger. It would be the best if we use the products with the same line, then we can be sure that cosmetics are complementary. The most important ingredients, which should be included in the regenerating cream is retinol (rebuilds the epidermis and damaged collagen fibers, and reduces wrinkles), Active Copper (firms and tones the skin), oxygen (stimulates metabolism and improves absorption of nutrients), and fruit acids, kinetin, and coenzyme Q10.

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