4 solutions for skin cleaning

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The removal of impurities from the skin is essential to its proper care. Only with appropriate treatment, applied by oneself, or in the beauty parlou, we can keep its healthy and beautiful appearance. After the appropriate treatments for skin cleansing, we are sure , that it will be young and fresh for a long time.

Body Scrub

In order to remove skin impurities and dead skin cells, a reliable way is peeling. We can make this treatment in the beauty parlou or in the solitude of your own bathroom. In the beauty parlous the peeling is the part of most treatments for the body, because it allows in better way to penetrate the nutrient substances contained in creams and conditioners. However, at home, it is worth to use one of the peeling cosmetic, which the whole assortment can be found in drugstores, or you can perform the peeling by yourself. At home, we will certainly find the products, from which peeling cosmetic can be made. The ideal for this is coffee. Just combine a handful of ground coffee, oatmeal and coarse salt with a teaspoon of cinnamon, and all mix with your favorite shower gel or liquid soap. We rub the prepared mixture into the body under the shower.

Facial scrub

It is worth once in a while use from the beautician’s services, she will recommend us reliable ways for cleansing your face. One of such treatment is cavitation peeling. It consists in the purification of the skin using ultrasonic vibration, enriched with micro massage. The treatment allows for precise removal of impurities from the pores, it smooths and perfectly moisturizes the skin. Facial Scrub can also be made at home, by using one of the cosmetics available in drugstores. Note, however, that for the delicate facial skin it is better to choose enzyme scrub. We can, as well, prepare the face scrub at home. Just soak in the milk two handfuls of oatmeal. We rub the face with resulting mash, then we rinse it with lukewarm water and we apply the cream.


Sauna is one of the most popular ways of cleansing the skin in Europe. It allows you to remove toxins from the body through the pores of the skin by the action of hot, steaming air. After cleansing session in the sauna the skin becomes more plump and ready to receive beauty masks or creams, which will enhance the effect further.

Beauty Masks

If it comes to the beauty mask, they are excellent and inexpensive solutions for the skin cleaning. We can choose any of the available in drugstores, or you can prepare one by yourself. Good results brings, for example, cucumber mask.. You should blend one small cucumber, drain it and set aside. Then we brew 50g green and chamomile tea, we pour it into one dish and warm up, adding one tablespoon of gelatin. We cool the resulting mixture and add the blended cucumber. After about 30 minutes the mask is ready to apply on the face. Hold it for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off with hot water and apply cream.

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