4 solutions for saving the electric energy

Posted: August 22nd, 2012 | Author: | Savings

Cost-effective and reasonable usage of electrical equipment allows us to save electricity, which prices are still going up. So let’s learn some practical tips that will make energy saving become a reality.

Refrigerators and freezers

According to statistics, about 30% of energy in households, is consumed by the refrigerator and freezer. We rarely think about the fact that after all these devices are working around the clock and during this time they consume the electrical energy. To minimize this consumption it is good to know that the refrigerator and freezer should be set as far away from heat sources such as microwave. Thanks to it the maintain the cold in it will be cheaper. Moreover, it is the best to defrost food in the refrigerator. This will save energy, because a cold piece of meat cool surrounding products. Besides, it is important to frequent defrost the refrigerator and take care of the condition of its seals.

Preparing meals

Good solution for saving electricity is to cook food in a possible little amount of water. Besides, when it comes to cooking, you need to use a flat-bottomed pots. This allows for easier flow of heat between the plate and the bottom of the pot. The best pots are those with thick aluminum or copper bottom, which in the best way distribute the heat over the surface of the pot. While cooking pots should be covered . This will reduce the amount of heat escaping from the pot in the form of steam. It is also worth to use the microwave, it defrost food more quickly than electric stove.


It is worth to think about installing energy-saving bulbs in the places, in which weuse the light for a long time. They are more economical than ordinary light bulbs. Traditional bulbs will prove useful in a short period of lightening. The benefits bring sunlight, which, after all we have for free, so better do not cover the windows with heavy curtains and the walls in rooms paint in bright colors, because it allows for reflecting solar energy deeper into the room.


If the computer serves us only for simple office work, definitely it is not worth to invest in super-fast processor, which consumes a lot of energy. Do not forget that if we go away from the computer and there is no need to leave it on, turn it off. If it must be on, set the screen saver, it should turn on as soon as possible, also the monitor should be turned off as soon as possible.

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