4 solutions for neckline care

Posted: August 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Nothing works for men like the sight of beautiful, neat and smooth feminine neckline. Therefore it is important not to forget about the neck and neckline during daily care. Appropriate solutions for neckline care can be helpful.

Treat the neckline equally with the face

Using a daily face cream, you should apply it also on the neck and neckline. All the more that the skin located in there is thin and delicate. So make sure you remember about the cream with the filter, leaving the house on a sunny day. Also, when we apply the beauty mask on the face, equally thick layer should be applied to neck and neckline.

Apply a compress

The regular use of poultices and compresses significantly improves the appearance of the skin and neckline. It is worth to once a week take a poultice with warm olive oil. We place the heat with oil soaked gauze on the neck and neckline. At the top you need to put foil and a towel to keep warm. This poultices we hold about half an hour. The good results brings also cold compresses. For this purpose , we wrap an ice cube with foil and massage whit it the neck and neckline with gentle, circular movements for a few minutes. The effect of elastic skin is visible immediately.

Make a scrub

Enzyme scrubs are excellent ways to take care of the neckline. They are more suitable than coarse-grained one, because the fact that the skin on the neck and the neckline is very sensitive. After the treatment the free of dead cells skin will better absorb cosmetics. Therefore, the peeling should be done before applying the beauty mask, but not less frequently than once a week.

Tone your skin up

In order to take care of the neckline skin, it is worth to go to the beauty parlou for the jonophoresis treatment. It consists in the application to the skin nourishing gel which is massaged with the metal electrodes in the shape of cylinders, connected to the electricity with low frequencies. Thanks to jonophoresis treatment, nutrients components will get in more quickly, the skin on the neck and neckline become clearly firm and smooth.

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